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Wet Mix Plant

Wet Mix Macadam Plant / WMM Plant / Soil Stabilization Plant

Our Wet Mix 60 – 300 Plants combine outstanding quality with low investment and operating costs. The WMM Plant features various anti-segregation efforts and produces a thorough and uniform mix. Plant and mix quality has been praised by our customers as well as organizations like Border Roads Organization. We have an install base of 300+ plants.

WMM Plant ownership costs are minimized through paddle arms and tips that utilize wear-resistant steel. Heavy-duty bearings extend shaft life and help deliver homogeneous mixes, too. The plants’ intuitive controls ensure operators of all experience levels succeed.


Pugmill Mixer

Pugmill in wet mix macadam plant provides continuous, uniform mixing of liquids and dry ingredients. Two types of paddle mixers are available in Duplex, double agitator shaft. Capacities range from 80 to 250 tons per hour. Custom designs for higher capacities are available.

Great for adding liquids to dry materials to make slurries and semi-liquid mixtures.

Other Specifications

Soil Stabilization

In India, MORTH requires soil stabilization to be done using a certain amount of cement and emulsion mixed with WMM. For soil stabilization, we provide a cement hopper which feeds cement through a screw conveyor in to the pugmill mixer of the wet mix plant. An emulsion tank is also provided to store and feed emulsion to the pugmill. The cement & emulsion mixed with WMM aggregate acts as a soil stabilization agent. The percentage of the cement and emulsion can be controlled from the control panel. The laying can be done with the regular wet mix paver.

If you need soil stabilization arrangement with WMM, please send us a message here and we will share the photographs of the complete solution.

Cold aggregate bin feeder

Standard 4-bin feeder is supplied with the WMM plant. The bins are all properly weld and modular in construction. Steep bin walls angels ensure free flow of aggregate without hold up of materials in the corners. The bins come with adjustable gate openings and variable speed feeders drives. Together they offer total proportional control, greater flexibility and accuracy. This ensures top performance even under the toughest of operating conditions.


Wet Mix Macadam Plant comes with air conditioned control cabin. Fully computerized panel with on board electrical power control console, distribution switch board, fully automatic process & sequence control are a standard on all Our Wet Mix Plants. User friendly software gives you total reliability and ensures top notch performance.

  • MCB Protection For Short Circuit & Overload
  • Amp. Meters For All AC & DC Motor & Total Load
  • Volt Meters For all DC Motors & Main Supply
  • DC Motors Fault & Protection Indication
  • Easy & Maintance Free Operation
  • AC Motor Control
  • DC ( Dimmer ) / AC Drive Control

Silo Storage

  • Silo storage provide a great solution for wmm plants above 200 tons per hour output. Our typical silo storage is 15 MT.

Water Tank

  • A 10,000 liters water tank provides sufficient water backup to ensure the plant keeps up and running even during water cuts.
Model WMM-60 WMM-100 WMM-200
Output (TPH) 60 100 200
Cold Feed
Gathering Conveyor (mm.) 600 550 650
Belt Feeder Width (mm.) 500 500 550
No. of Bins 4 4 4
Bin Capacity (MT.) 8 10 12
Slinger Conveyor
Conveyor Width (mm.) 600 550 650
Capacity (cu. m.) 1.4 1.6 2.1
No. of Arms 20 18 44
Water Tank Capacity (MT.) 10 10 12
Mineral Filler Capacity (MT.) 2 3 5
Power Requirements
4 Bin Feeder (HP) 4 x 1.5 4 x 2 4 x 3
Gathering Conveyor (HP) 5 5 7.5
Slinger Conveyor (HP) 5 5 7.5
Vibrating Screen (HP) 3 3 3
Pug Mill Drive (HP) 15 30 60
Hydraulic Power Pack (HP) 3 3 5
Water Pump (HP) 2 2 3
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